Low Doc Loans for the Self-employed

2010 April 6
by iggy

Do you own your own business and manage it yourself?  Are you a self-employed individual looking for a loan to buy a home?  Then maybe a low doc loan is for you.

The problem is that there are very few low doc loans or loans in general that are available to those who are self employed.  Most low doc loans will allow 60% loan to value ratio on a certain property.  This is not enough, as those with their own businesses rely on liquidity and cash flow.  Thus it is often better for them to get a true low doc loan at 80% LVR and above.  This will often require genuine savings of 20% of the entire value of the property.

With the help of the home loan experts hard working entrepreneurs will have the same options as those who are employed and holding regular jobs.  All they need to do is provide their annual income, and confirm that they will be able to make the repayments.

Once they have the capacity to provide further information on the status of their business, then those who are self-employed have the option to refinance and choose loans that are easier on the pocket and have better interest rates.  But it is always good to have the option to start somewhere, and those who are self-employed usual first option is the low doc loan.

It is only fair that those who are self-employed have as much opportunities and access to quality low doc loans.  The home loan experts can provide a no bas, no financials home loan to them.  They have the capacity to earn a lot more than those who earn a regular monthly income, and can make in a day what some of these PAYG employees make in an entire month.  Their success is our success and we are glad to provide them with avenues towards better homes, better loans, and a better tomorrow.                                       `

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