Interest in Advance Home Loans: Advantages, Disadvantages And More Information

2012 May 31
by admin

Couple with an interest in advance home loanAs each tax season approaches, many Australians begin a search for every possible tax deduction and refund available to them.

For an investment property owner looking to refinance, or an investor looking to make a purchase, a popular option is an interest in advance home loan. This can be used to finance a new purchase or as a refinance of an existing mortgage.


Many new residential investment property owners find that an interest in advance loan provides a valuable method to finance an investment and at the same time significantly lower their tax liability for that year.

The interest in advance payment in these loans means that the eligible investor can pre-pay the following year’s entire interest on the loan by June 30 of that first year and deduct that full amount in the current year’s tax return.

Meanwhile, the underlying loan is used throughout each year for income producing purposes. The extra cash as a refund available from the deduction is a loan from the federal government. An interest in advance loan is particularly useful for purchase of the most popular forms of income generating residential property investments: flats, townhouses and single homes. Often a refund will be several thousands of dollars.

For investment property owner, refinancing a loan to a lower fixed rate and repayments of interest only can be particularly advantageous for an eligible investor. With a lower fixed rate, the cost of the present loan can be substantially reduced while also providing the loan’s tax benefits.

The fixed rate payment necessary for the lender to determine pre-pay amounts provide the borrower the ability to budget effectively for the following year. This budgeting advantage is particularly significant in maintaining cash flow in case income is lower in the following financial year.


Of course, the main important hurdle to many is the amount of the fixed sum of interest (often $10K or more) for each year of the interest in advance loan term.

Additionally, the borrower must plan to pay out the principal of the loan at the end of the term of the interest in advance loan or roll it over into another loan. Alternatively, it may be possible for the borrower to split the loan and make additional repayments. Any attempt at making early payments may be limited and/or incur early repayment fees.

The actual benefit you can derive when entering into a purchase or refinance with an interest in advance loan is entirely dependent on your ability to apply the interest deduction to your taxes. Therefore the loan is also generally only useful to people buying investment properties or refinancing their loan.


Because the lender cannot properly calculate the advance interest on either a principal and interest loan nor a variable rate loan, interest in advance loans must be fixed term. This fixed rate can usually be locked in for 1-5 years. Repayments on the principal are usually deferred until completion of the interest in advance term of a loan.

How Much You Can Borrow

Amounts will vary by lender but some offer discounts of up to 0.30% off of interest rates. Most lenders require that you borrow no more than 80% of the loan to value ratio (LVR). This is the percentage of the property value you are able to borrow. However, unlike most mortgage loans the property is calculated to include the first year of the loans interest.

In this manner, you are able to borrow the interest and pre-pay it on the date the loan begins. LVRs up to 95% may be available, but loans of over 80% LVR will require payment of Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

Speak to a Financial Advisor

A discussion of your options with your financial adviser and a mortgage broker specialising in these loans should be a part of you decision making process.

When Should You Apply?

Between April and June, interest in advance home loans become very popular. Since settlement of the loan must be reached before the end of financial year on June 30, it recommended that you apply no later than near the beginning of May.

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